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If you are seeking efficient and high-potential real estate investments, we’ll help you find maximum value in the Tampa Bay market. We constantly analyze opportunities – both on grid and off grid and consider whether they are a true fit for you as an investor. At Revolution Real Estate, it’s about way more than location.

Why would you invest in real estate?

  • Hedge against inflation
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Leverage! It’s the one income generator that does not require all money down

How do you make money from real estate?

  • Appreciation
  • Rental income
  • Tax savings

2008 turned me off real estate – convince me otherwise!

2008 turned a lot of people off investing, period! The stock market still shakes and jitters; the housing market does the same. So why invest?

  • Inflation waits for no one
  • The tax man certainly waits for no one, and he especially likes it when you trade on the stock market
  • The decrease in available lending means investors with capital, or access to it, can command incredible deals.
  • While money is harder to borrow in general, investors with a good financial profile are in high demand and can find affordable funding.
  • You can be boss without the landlord headaches by using seasoned property management professionals
  • Have you seen the deals out there?!

We will handle every step: finding the optimal properties, handling any upgrades, filling the units, and any other aspect of property management that comes up. Side step the hassle, and enjoy the benefits of real estate investment. Call us today for more information.

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